About me

I am a graphic designer. Which is easy to say, but to me it means being a maker of things and a problem solver in the visual field. I try to base my way of working on three simple steps: I try to base my way of working on three simple steps:

1. Drawing up a simple and good Idea.
2. Continuous contact and exchange with the client.
3. A strong and simple design.

To sum it up, design for me is a journey on which you embark with your client.

This journey runs as follows. In the beginning I try to see my client’s vision or see the problem from his perspective. To put it simple, I am trying put myself in my client’s shoes and thus try to better understand what they want from me. If this condition is fulfilled, I will start with developing ideas. I mostly develop ideas by combining two things e.g. materials, objects or concepts and create something new in this process. These elements are normally in connection to the subject, my client gave me to work with. Good design is the combination of this simple but strong idea, which is strictly and visually implemented. It follows certain existing design trends. On the one hand, you could deliberately break certain design rules or guidelines in order to magnify the effect you want to achieve. It could be beneficial, on the other hand, to strictly follow the rules in other cases. An example of such a guideline would be the ten timeless principles from Dieter Rams, which I believe good design has to confirm. Overall, though, it is the process, which is central.
Design is a Journey. This is how I view Design and how I would describe my understanding of Design. At the end, it is just a snap-shot of the prevailing design concept. Furthermore, Dieter Ram´s principles are just talking about the general design and are not specifying the look of a design. I am sure that this concept will be change in the future. In the last years it has become more important for a good design to be environmentally friendly, for example. Rules and guidelines are there to be broken. As you can see Art or Design movements have been changed and developed in the past. They were never something consistent or finished. In other words, design means change and changing is a Journey.

Portrait Marcel Peters